Our Church History (Celebrating 71 Years)


The Prince of Peace Apostolic Church was established 71 years ago when in 1945, Evangelist Senia Johnson was inspired to do a work for God. She and her husband, along with a few praying women, started conducting prayer meetings in a small building located at 40th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. They called this meeting place “under the steps.”  Eventually, she went on to lead the ministry and became Pastor Senia Johnson. The ministry was then renamed, The Prince of Peace Gospel Mission.


This ministry later moved to several locations throughout Chicago, the first being 7321 South Vincennes Avenue.  The next move was to 852 East 75th Street.  Pastor Johnson led The Prince of Peace Gospel Mission until God called her home to be with Him.   

In March of 1966, Elder John H. McCall became the pastor. He had a great commitment and vision to and for the ministry.  He believed “Where there is no vision, the people perish... (Proverbs 29:18)”.  After much prayer and consecration, Elder John H. McCall felt it necessary to change the name of the ministry to The Prince of Peace Apostolic Church. During his 43 years as pastor, he led the church to purchase additional property for parking, and in 1991 to purchase the property where the church is currently located at 6848-50 S. Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637.  Elder McCall received two elevations. In 1983, he was elevated to District Elder, and later in January 1995, he was consecrated as Suffragan Bishop where he led and supported other pastors and their churches.

The Prince of Peace Apostolic Church has been a leader in encouraging young and old alike that "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me (Philippians 4:13)". Prince of Peace has birth many ministries as young ministers learned about the gospel, obedience to God, and leadership from Suffragan Bishop McCall. This afforded them with the necessary wisdom and knowledge as they were moved by God to plant new churches to continue the spreading of the gospel.

Suffragan Bishop McCall faithfully led The Prince of Peace Apostolic Church until 2008 when God called him home. The church is now under the leader ship of his son, District Elder John S. McCall, Sr. who is a passionate, sincere, and anointed man of God. District Elder McCall has a strong desire to continue his father's ministry, but also has a vision to grow the church into other areas of ministry. Currently, we have a Nursing Home Ministry where our associate ministers bring church to residents of nursing home facilities who are unable to attend church. The church previously held a ministry for people who have additions and need support and encouragement. Our auxiliaries also provide ministry by supporting individuals that are bereaved, sick, and under served throughout the year. Additionally, we have endeavored to continuously reach out to meet the needs of the community through programs such as Thanksgiving basket giveaways and free school supplies for children.

District Elder John S. McCall, has a huge vision for growth in this outreach ministry.  He believes, "Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day...(Acts 26:22)." God has and continues to keep him as well as his congregation, "Oh to be kept by Jesus..." As we reflect back over 71 years to the present, we see that God has truly blessed the Prince of Peace Apostolic Church and we are grateful to have experienced great leadership from such remarkable leaders. For this we give thanks to our Lord!