Life presents all types of challenges. We are here for you during the great and challenging moments. Below are a few ways we are committed to serve:

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Baby Dedications and Christenings

Our ministerial team provides Baby Dedications and Christenings upon request. if you are interested in having your child dedicated to the lord, please contact us directly at (773) 493-7600.

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Water baptism in Jesus name, according to Acts 2:38, is an outward declaration of the decision to follow Jesus. Inquire at any of our services on how to be a part of our next baptism.

Funeral and Grief Care

As Christians, it is important for us to hold fast to our faith during difficult times and know that the Word of God holds true. In the event of the death of a loved one, please call the church office at (773) 493-7600

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Kingdom Training Academy

We offer Sunday School classes for all ages. Come enjoy a journey in the word with our experienced teachers at 10 a.m each Sunday morning. 

Pre-Marital Counseling

It's important to us that you get a great start to the next level of your relationship. Please contact the church office to schedule your pre-marital counseling. 773-493-7600

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Prince of Peace Apostolic Church is delighted to provide the facilities for your wedding. For information, please contact the church office at (773) 493-7600. You may also email us at

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Children's Ministry

We provide fun, aged specific ministry for children teaching them bible stories, learn scriptures and prayer for those who are less fortunate. 

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Men's Ministry

Our Men's Ministry is dedicated to healing and helping men of all ages. Come and fellowship with Christian men will share best practices and experiences as you explore a deeper relationship with God 

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Ministerial Alliance

The purpose of the Ministerial Alliance is to help support the Pastor as he ministers to the people during service. The Ministerial Alliance is available to serve services by leading prayer, scripture reading, administering communion, baptism, anointing, teaching, and preaching.
The Ministerial Alliance also supports the Senior Pastor through various outreach ministries, such as home and hospital visitations, prison ministry and for funeral and committal services.
The Ministerial Alliance members are licensed and ordained under the AFFI, Inc. The purpose of the Association is to glorify God through the educational advancement of Christian leaders responsible for the management of our local churches. The Association will equip church leaders with the tools, training, resources and networking for the advancement of kingdom building in Christian churches.
Integrity, wisdom, courage, patient, spiritual maturity and compassion are some of the traits which should be displayed both inside and outside of the church.

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Women's Ministry

Our Women's Ministry is dedicated to healing and helping women of all ages. Come and fellowship with Godly women as they share best practices and experiences while exploring a deeper relationship with God. Our ministry reaches outside of the church and into the community. We are partnered with community partners "Young Parent's Program (YMCA)" and "Maria Shelter" offering spiritual support and donations.