Elder Kermit DeLashment

For nearly 40 years, Elder Kermit DeLashment has blessed churches as a musician and Music Minister. His reputation as an anointed music minister has afforded him the opportunity to serve in several denominations giving him ministry opportunities in diverse worship experiences. Many are finding out quickly his passion for the Word of God and his discussion based teaching method. student and avid reader, Pastor Kerm (as he is affectionately called) has been labeled “innovative and an idealist”. He is known for thinking outside the box and enticing listeners to think beyond traditional views of God and spirituality. Never being one to shy away from controversy, his propensity to be transparent has often influenced listeners to confront the trepidations and apprehensions oour own lives.

Elder DeLashment is a 3rd generation Pentecostal whose heart for worship and a relentless passion for a deep relationship with God, has led him to question doctrinal dogma and aspire to understand, "Why?" Through natural curiosity and a hunger for knowledge, he set out to determine the impact of one’s spiritual understanding on their identity, psychological development and behavior. Thus, he began a lifelong pursuit of Biblical knowledge and comprehension – his quest has been to open the scriptures in order to recognize the enormity of God and share his discoveries with others.
Elder DeLashment attended Morgan Park High School in Chicago, Illinois and attended DePaul University and Roosevelt University also in Chicago, IL, studying Business Management. His anointing, transparency and intellectualism is quickly making him one of the more sought after speakers for those who realize that God is bigger than we thought, an idea he feels is definitely worth exploring.  
Elder DeLashment was appointed assistant pastor at Prince of Peace Apostolic Church of Chicago, Illinois in 2016, where he served also for 15 years as Minister of Music. On the final day of District Elder John S. McCall, Sr's 11th Pastoral Anniversary, the mantle of leadership was passed and Elder DeLashment was elevated to Pastor, on March 24th, 2019.

His gospel message seeks to address religion’s inability to offer relevance to the changing climate of the times. To this end, he often pushes the envelope to make us question our conventional approaches to daily challenges.  His strong desire to see lives changed has led to a transformational form of leadership in ministry. He no longer sees the preacher as head of an hierarchical system but rather in partnership with administration and laity of the Church. He sees the need for integration and multi-faceted leadership styles and methods to reach the community within and outside of the Church. The church he pastors ministers to the needs of people in all walks of life; those who matriculate in the mainstream of life, those who face drug and alcohol addiction, those who are incarcerated and have recently been released, and those who are homeless and indigent. At Prince of Peace Apostolic Church we feel, “that everyone belongs.” 
Pastor Kermit DeLashment is the loving husband to Lady Michelle DeLashment and the father to: Chris, Kermit (deceased), Lauren, Brittney, Kyle, Kendall, Gregory and Camille.  He has two grandchildren, Levi and Cyan, with whom he shares mutual adoration.